Great October Adventure Race
6 Hr AR, will return at a future date!

Race Date: TBD
Location: TBD
Length: 6 hour
Maps: Lidar based O-maps (per 2 people)
Disciplines: Trail Running, Mountain Biking, Paddling & Orienteering.
Divisions: 4-Person Coed, 2-Person Open, Solo.
Who: Beginner to Experienced Adventurers!

Racer Check-In: TBD
Race Briefing: TBD
Race Start:
Race Cutoff:
Post Race Food:
Swag: TBD

Required Gear List 
Registered Teams List

Event Cost:
Regular Registration: TBD
Late Registration: TBD

Lodging Options during Registration:

Other Lodging Options:

Registration will open on TBD and remain open until TBD, or until we reach capacity.
Entry Fees are non-refundable. 
Entry fee include boat rental, swag and post race food. Swag not guaranteed after TBD.

Note: 2 person/4 person teams should confirm with your full team whether you are renting or bringing personal boats prior to registration and ensure the same boat selections.

Supporting Sponsors:

Additional Race Details

Adventure Race MichiganTrekking / Trail Running / Orienteering:
Teams will use provided maps, and their compasses, to find checkpoints (CP’s) scattered throughout the area.  Maps will be pre-marked with checkpoints.  Various styles of maps may be used during the race.  The total trekking will be approximately 6-8 miles – depending on a your selected route and number of CP’s achieved.  Not all checkpoints will be required to finish as an officially ranked team; however, the more checkpoints a team obtains, the higher they will rank in the overall standings.  Teams can choose to trek on trails or bushwhack through the wilderness.  You will encounter terrain that will vary from open land to open forests, dense brush, hills and swampy lowlands.

Adventure Race MichiganPaddle:
Teams will be paddling approximately 4 miles.  Canoes/Kayaks are provided (Rented Kayaks are for Solo Racers only).  Paddles and PFDs will also be provided, rented kayak paddles are for Solo Racers only. You may bring your own boats (canoe, single or tandem kayak, or any combination, at a discounted rate), if you bring your own boats you must bring your own paddles and PFDs.  If renting boats, you may still bring your own paddles (any kind) and PFDs if preferred.

Adventure Race MichiganMountain Bike:
The mountain biking will total  13-20 miles as teams collect required checkpoints.  The course will include a mix of dirt/paved roads, multi-use trails, and single track mountain biking trails.


About the Race

This race will be fun, fast, and just challenging enough for experienced adventure racers, but will also be a great race for beginner racers as well.

In an Adventure Race, all teammates work together to try and find the checkpoints and make it to the finish before the cut-off time. Teammates must stay within 100′ or eyesight of each other (whichever is closer). Teams must finish the course in the allotted time. Teams finishing late will be assessed a 1 checkpoint penalty per minute late past the cutoff.

Adventure Race MichiganWhen the race starts, teams will be required to navigate each stage of the race using the provided pre-marked maps. Navigation difficulty will vary by checkpoint. Make sure at least 1 person on your team understands how to read a map and a compass (GPSs are not allowed!).  The Southern Michigan Orienteering Club offers great events in the Spring and Fall to learn, practice, or race (

Each team will be issued a ‘passport’ that will be punched (code recorded) at each checkpoint along the way, OR an electronic SI Card, depending on equipment availability. Make sure someone responsible on your team takes care of the passport/SI Card! It must be turned in at the finish to prove that you found the checkpoints. If you don’t have it, you won’t earn an official finish! Teams are required to carry certain gear for each section of the race. Race staff may do gear checks and assess time penalties as necessary during the race.


Sponsorship Opportunities:

For information about sponsorship opportunities, please visit our Sponsorship Opportunities Page or reach out to us by filling out the contact form on our Contact page.

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