TurtleHead Paddle-O
Virtual Adventure Challenge

Registration opens June 18, 2023

Race Date:
July 1st – September 3rd, 2023
Location: Kensington Metropark, Milford, MI (Requires vehicle entry permit, $10 daily pass)
Length: 3 hour or 6 hour Paddle-O
Maps: O-Map – 1:15,000 scale
Disciplines: Paddling, Trekking & Orienteering
Divisions: Open (Any combination of teammates allowed)
Who: Beginner to Experienced Adventurers & Paddlers!

Mailed thru USPS upon registration, allow up to one week to receive.
Awards: 1st place for each length (dependent on quantity of registrations)
Event Cost: $20 per team (+ small online registration fee), includes maps, instructions, clue sheet. Additional maps can be purchased during registration for $5.
*2023 Get Your Bearings Participants can receive $5 off using their Registrant ID from their GYB Email Confirmation as a valid coupon code during registration.

Event Description:

Back for the 2023 Season, as a VIRTUAL ADVENTURE CHALLENGE only, Paddle-O (Canoe/Kayak & Trekking Orienteering Event) in Southeast Michigan. Participants will locate Orienteering Controls via Canoe/Kayak & on foot, in an all optional format throughout Kent Lake in Kensington Metropark and Island Lake Rec Area.

This event is an unofficial, unorganized event that is considered individual training as an adventure challenge. There are no flags or streamers placed. Participants may use one of two specific GPS assisted programs to confirm location of the flags, this event is setup on both Usynligo and O-Range. Usynligo allows to use your phone to sound off when you reach the CP, while O-Range does the same but for Garmin watches. You can review both applications online and links to the event here / here (links will be added when registration opens). Search on 2023 Turtle Head Paddle O. The intent is to only use your map and compass for navigation during the challenge, just like any other navigation-based event.

Participants do this training event at their own risk and their own responsibility of safety and equipment, whether personal or rented. There are no restrictions for equipment, with one caveat, motorized anything is disallowed. You may use any style boat or combination of teammates that you wish. Boat rental information can be found here for Kensington Boat Rental,  if you don’t own your own boat.

Maps provided are pre-marked with CPs (checkpoints).  The total paddling will be around 22km depending on your selected route and number of CP’s achieved, while trekking will be around 13km.  The more control points a team/individual obtains in the shortest amount of time, the higher they will rank in the overall standings. Late penalty will be assessed for being over time.

Participants will go after 40CPs that are all entirely optional and in any order, however, they must be obtained in the section they are listed under. Meaning trek CPs from foot, and paddle CPs from boat. To be included in the official results for either the 3hr or 6hr options, you must submit a single continuous .gpx file to info@lostarrowsports.com by September 4th at 23:59PM EST.

Past Race Results

2019 TurtleHead Paddle-O (Livelox Replay)
2018 TurtleHead Paddle-O