Legend of the Dogman
will return at a future date!

Race Date:
Lidar based O-maps
Trail Running and Orienteering
5 Divisions:
Solo Male, Solo Female, 2-Person Coed, 2-Person Male, 2-Person Female
Beginner to Experienced Adventurers!

Event Description:

Legend of the Dogman, is a Rogaine (Long Orienteering Event) in Southeast Michigan. Competitors will locate Orienteering Controls on foot, in an all optional format throughout Waterloo and Pinckney Recreation Areas. Additional course details to be provided soon!

Detailed Orienteering topographical maps will be provided pre-marked with control points.  Not all control points will be required to finish as an officially ranked team/individual; however, the more control points a team/individual obtains in the shortest amount of time, the higher they will rank in the overall standings.  Teams / individuals can choose to trek on trails or bushwhack through the wilderness!

Sponsorship Opportunities:

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Past Race Results

2019 Legend of the Dogman
2018 Legend of the Dogman