2017 Fall Challenge 2-4-6

Congratulations 2017 Racers!  Thank you volunteers!
Thank you Rochester Bike Shop and Moosejaw for partnering with us to provide some great prizes at the race!

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Instructions:  2-Hour, 4-Hour, 6-Hour

Maps:  First Map (2-Hour), First Map (4 & 6-Hour)

Paddle N Bike, Big South Map, Rochester

Stoney Creek West, Big North Map

Bloomer Final Nav

Race Date: Saturday, Sept. 23, 2017Challenge Logos-01

Location:  Rochester Hills, Michigan (Bloomer Park)
Length: Three Races:  2-hour, 4-hour, and 6-hour Adventure Races
Disciplines: Trail Running, Mountain Biking, Canoeing & Orienteering (2-hour has no canoeing)
Three Divisions, each race: 2-Person Coed, 2-Person Male, 2-Person Female.  Also, for the 2-hour race only Parent/Child under 14, Parent/Child 14 & over.

Who: Beginner to Advanced – See descriptions below to see which race is right for you.

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Three Races in One Day!!!

The three races will all have the same Start/Finish point, at Bloomer Park, and will be “nested”.  The 6-hour race will start first and finish last.  The 2-hour race will start last and finish first.  With races starting, finishing, and transitioning during the day, there will be activity at the Start/Finish area throughout the morning and afternoon.  We’ll have music, food and drink for racers, and a “festival” atmosphere!

2-Hour Race:
So you have never done an adventure race before, and neither has your friend (or spouse, sibling, neighbor, boyfriend/girlfriend…)?  This race is for you!  At only 2 hours, it is ultra-short, the navigating is not too difficult, and there will be no paddle section.  This race will be a great introduction to adventure racing for the newcomer!  Experienced racers are discouraged from signing up for this race.  Two family divisions only for the 2-hour race:  Parent/Child (under 14), Parent/Child (14-17).
Racer Check-In: 9:30am to 11:00am
Race Briefing: 11:00am
Race Start: 12:00am
Race Cutoff: 2:00pm
Post Race Food: 2:00pm
Announcement of Winners, Prizes & Giveaways: 2:30 pm.
Event Cost:

Early Registration:  5/5/17 to 8/18/17 = $35.00 per person
Regular Registration: 8/19/17 to 9/9/17 = $45.00 per person

4-Hour Race:
Much like “Get Your Bearings”, this race is primarily for teams with little or no adventure racing experience, but we will not strictly enforce this.  It will be a step up from the 2-hour race and will include a paddle section. If you couldn’t do “Get Your Bearings” in the Spring, this may be the right race for you!
Racer Check-In: 8:30 to 10:00am
Race Briefing: 10:00am
Race Start: 11:00am
Race Cutoff: 3:00pm
Post Race Food: 3:00
Announcement of Winners, Prizes & Giveaways: 3:30 pm
Event Cost:

Early Registration: 5/5/17 to 8/18/17 = $60.00 per person

Regular Registration: 8/19/17 to 9/9/17 = $75.00 per person

6-Hour Race:
This race is for experienced racers.  It will have some of the same elements as the shorter races, with more control points, more challenging navigation, longer biking distances, longer trekking distances, and, of course, a paddle section.  While a 6-hour race is still considered to be a “sprint” adventure race, this race will have elements that will challenge even the experienced adventure racer.
Racer Check-In: 7:00am to 8:00am
Race Briefing: 8:00am
Race Start: 9:00am
Race Cutoff: 3:00pm
Post Race Food: 3:00
Announcement of Winners, Prizes & Giveaways: 3:30 pm.
Event Cost:
Early Registration: 5/5/17 to 8/18/17 = $90.00 per person
Regular Registration: 8/19/17 to 9/9/17 = $105.00 per person
Registration will close on September 9th (or when each race is sold out).

Entry fee includes canoe rental, a race shirt (not guaranteed unless registered by Sept 3), and post race food. Entry is limited to the team limits noted above. Your team’s entry will not be secured until full payment has been received.

Racer Check In Information & Directions:

Racer check in location will be announced closer to race date.

Trekking / Trail Running / Orienteering:

Teams will use provided maps, and their compasses, to find checkpoints (CP’s) scattered throughout the area.  Maps will be pre-marked with checkpoints.  Various styles of maps will be used during the race:  The total trekking will be approximately 2-4 miles (2-hour), 4-6 miles (4-hour), and 6-8 miles (6-hour) – depending on a your selected route and number of CP’s achieved.  Not all checkpoints will be required to finish as an officially ranked team; however, the more checkpoints a team obtains, the higher they will rank in the overall standings.  Teams can choose to trek on trails or bushwhack through the wilderness.  You will encounter terrain that will vary from open land to open forests, dense brush, hills and swampy lowlands.

Canoe (4-hour and 6-hour races only):

In the 4-hour race, teams will paddle approximately 3 miles.  In the 6-hour race, teams will paddle approximately 6 miles.  Canoes are being provided.  Paddles and PFDs will be provided also.  Racers will need to sign a canoe rental waiver which will be provided prior to registration.  It is recommended that your team has canoeing experience.  Practice with Heavner Canoe Rental,  offering a 10% discount on rentals to anyone planning on doing the race.

Mountain Bike:

The mountain biking will total 7-9 miles (2-hour), 10-15 miles (4-hour), and 20-25 miles (6-hour) as teams collect required checkpoints.  The course will include a mix of dirt/paved roads, single track and off-road trails.


The 2-hour and 4-hour races are designed to be a fun introduction to Adventure Racing for people new, or relatively new, to the sport. The 6-hour race will be fun, fast, and just challenging enough for experienced adventure racers.

In an Adventure Race, all teammates work together to try and find the checkpoints (like a scavenger hunt!) and make it to the finish before the cut-off time. Teammates must stay within 50′ or eyesight of each other (whichever is closer). Teams must finish the course in the allotted time (or within a 5-minute “buffer”) to earn an official ranked finish. Teams that finish 1-5 minutes after the cutoff will be penalized 1-5 control points.  Teams that finish after the 5-minute buffer, without a teammate, or without obtaining the required checkpoints, will not be ranked finishers.

There will be a pre-race briefing 1 hour before each race. At this briefing teams will learn details about the course. Race instructions and maps will be handed out. Teams will then have until the start for any last minute preparations or strategizing.

When the race starts, teams will be required to navigate each stage of the race using the provided pre-marked maps. Navigation difficulty will vary by checkpoint, but will be on the easy side for most points, but are more challenging for the longer races. Make sure at least 1 person on your team understands how to read a map and a compass (GPSs are not allowed!).  The Southern Michigan Orienteering Club offers great events in the Spring and Fall to learn, practice, or race (www.michigano.org).

Each team will be issued a ‘passport’ that will be punched at each checkpoint along the way. Make sure someone responsible on your team takes care of the passport! It must be turned in at the finish to prove that you found the checkpoints. If you don’t have it, you won’t earn an official finish!

Teams are required to carry certain gear for each section of the race. Race officials often do gear checks and assess time penalties as necessary during the race.

This is the second year for the Fall Challenge Adventure Race, after having a successful event at Bald Mountain in 2016. I think you will find it a fun event for friends and family to participate in – whether as a racer or a supporter.  There will be some viewing opportunities if your team has a cheering squad. So invite your supporters to come out.  After each race has started, we will be glad to give your supporters suggestions regarding where to go and cheer you on!

Past Race Results

2016 Fall Challenge 2-4-6